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A World Class Curriculum

Korrnell Academy offers a bilingual curriculum, which confirms to the Taiwan Ministry of Education's standards and integrates the standards in the U.S. curriculum. Korrnell Academy's educational approach puts our students at the center of learning. 

At Korrnell Academy, students engage in independent and collaborative learning experiences that allow them to hone their skills, deepen their knowledge, and embrace their unique passions. We inspire our students to act responsibly and compassionately at home, in school, and the world by cultivating qualities of character, scholarship, and citizenship.

We have carefully selected the most reputable and internationally recognized academic standards, materials, and instructional methodologies to best prepare our students for academic success. Korrnell Academy has adapted the Common Core curriculum standards and student needs at the forefront of our mind.

  • Learning goals are based on standards, student personal interests, and international trends - a comprehensive, thematic, creative learning process.

  • Multiple forms of assessment are used to help students engage with learning and understand their levels of knowledge, skill, and understanding.

  • Inspires personal learning and develops international mindedness.


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