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Korrnell Academy was co-founded by Dr. Johnson Huang in 2007 as he sought to establish a bilingual school in his hometown, Zhubei. Dr. Huang is also the founder of Ton-Yen Healthcare Group, which started with the establishment of Ton-Yen General Hospital, a regional teaching hospital in Zhubei, in 1995. Korrnell Academy is now part of the STAR Korrnell Education Group, includes STAR Academy (daycare and kindergarten), Korrnell Kindergarten, Korrnell Academy, STAR Korrnell Institute, and Hsinchu International Academy.

STAR Korrnell Education Group is committed to provide a high-quality bilingual education and to prepare students to become future leaders. Our founder Dr. Johnson Huang believes that just as the purpose of a hospital is to save lives and to alleviate pain, the mission of a good school is to influence the future generations and to create aspirations. 


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